都说开发客户很难,其实,通过回顾与客户的来往邮件,我们不难发现,很多人包括你和我,邮件的开头写的都很漂亮,中间的很专业,可是结尾大多一句best regards or waitting for your early reply草草了事。

殊不知, 一个好的开头很重要,一个专业的谈判很重要,结尾也同样重要。  
1. Please accept our thanks for the trouble you have taken. 有劳贵方,不胜感激。

2.We are obliged to thank you for your kind attention in this matter. 不胜感激贵方对此事的关照。  

3.We tender you our sincere thanks for your generous treatment of us in this affair. 对贵方在此事中的慷慨之举,深表感谢。  

4.Allow us to thank you for the kindness extended to us. 对贵方之盛情,不胜感谢。  

5.We thank you for the special care you have given to the matter. 贵方对此悉心关照,不胜感激。

6.We should be grateful for your trial order. 如承试订货,不胜感激。
7.We should be grateful for your furnishing us details of your requirements. 如承赐示具体要求,不胜感激。  

8.It will be greatly appreciated if you will kindly send us your samples. 如承惠寄样品,则不胜感激。  

9.We shall appreciate it very much if you will give our bid your favorable consideration. 如承优惠考虑报价,不胜感激。  

10.We are greatly obliged for your bulk order just received. 收到贵方大宗订货,不胜感激。  

11.We assure you of our best services at all times. 我方保证向贵方随时提供最佳服务。  

12.If there is anything we can do to help you, we shall be more than pleased to do so. 贵公司若有所需求,我公司定尽力效劳。

13.It would give us a great pleasure to render you a similar service should an opportunity occur. 我方如有机会同样效劳贵方,将不胜欣慰。
14.We spare no efforts in endeavoring to be of service to you. 我方将不遗余力为贵方效劳。  

15.We shall be very glad to handle for you at very low commission charges. 我方将很愉快与贵方合作,收费低廉。

16.We have always been able to supply these firms with their monthly requirements without interruption. 我方始终能供应这些公司每月所需的数量,从无间断。  

17.We take this opportunity to re-emphasize that we shall, at all times, do everything possible to give you whatever information you desire. 我们借此机会再此强调,定会尽力随时提供贵方所需的信息。
18.We are always in a position to quote you the most advantageous prices for higher quality merchandise. 我们始终能向贵方提供品质最佳的产品,报价最为优惠。  

19.This places our dealers in a highly competitive position and also enable them to enjoy a maximum profit. 这样可以使我方经营者具有很强的竞争力,还可获得最大的利润。  

20.We solicit a continuance of your confidence and support. 恳请贵方继续给予信任,大力支持。